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wrap bracelets

Mixed Wrap Bracelets

At Chan Luu, we’re known for our signature wrap bracelets -- and we’ve kicked them up a notch with an eclectic range of modern elements. Our most-loved design is officially upgraded with various assortments of semi-precious stones and Indian seed beading for  fresh combinations of colors and textures. Made to easily incorporate into any jewelry collection, our mixed wrap bracelets are an absolute essential for strong accessorizing, and they’re built for everyday styling thanks to their versatility, quality craftsmanship and overall ease of wear.

Crafted by hand with natural leathers, these popular designs offer a luxe take on casual accessorizing. Our supple leathers range in hue from chocolate brown and steel gray to the softest shades of beige. The perfect backdrop for vivid color pops, stones and metals, these leather pieces are versatile enough to wear on a regular basis. Mix and match them with anything and everything in your wardrobe to suit multiple occasions and styling needs.

Made to mimic the look of stacked layers, our wrap bracelets offer maximum bohemian appeal without all the fuss. Choose from silver, gunmetal and gold-plated nuggets in glossy and matte finishes to suit your preferences to a T. These sleek metallic tones offer a chic juxtaposition against natural leather strands and earthy stones, while pull-tie cords guarantee a proper fit. Finding the right jewelry has never been easier thanks to our efficient and adjustable button and leather closures, which allow you to tailor the length of our women’s bracelets to accommodate your unique wrist size. This smart construction ensures secure and comfortable customization for stress-free purchases and gift-giving ease.

Layer your wrists with tribal patterns, saturated hues and folksy neutrals as you desire. Our mixed bracelets come in plenty of options that are tailored to your personal style. Our beading ranges in color from muted shades to fiery hues and two-tone color gradients, and many of our women’s styles feature earthy semi-precious stones in classic color palettes for extra styling versatility. These natural elements complement minimalist-approved combinations of t-shirts and jeans, and they work just as well with feminine staples like gauzy sundresses and mini skirts.

At Chan Luu, our selection of wrapped bracelets for women adds personality and charm to your one-of-a-kind sense of style. These layered pieces work with different ensembles and overall style aesthetics, so it’s easy to find a design that’s true to you. Skillfully made by hand with quality materials, our women’s jewelry represents our brand’s enduring commitment to superior construction and craftsmanship.

Browse through our wide assortment of mixed wrap bracelets to discover the perfect pieces to add to your everyday rotation, and stock your jewelry collection accordingly with durable, statement-making essentials that are versatile, eclectic and beautifully designed.