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Women's Necklaces


Layer on some sparkle with our modern collection of women’s necklaces. These elegant pieces flatter your neckline with subtle shimmer and personalized style.

Our gold and silver plated chains complement any skin tone with hints of coolness or warmth. Graduated hues and vibrant color pops add eye-catching dimension to basic styles, while glass seed beading is extra versatile in earthy shades. 

Drape multiple lengths atop your shirts with our layering necklaces, or opt for a multi-strand version that does the layering for you. You’ll find a range of styles featuring colorful pendants, metallic charms and smoky quartz. Swarovski crystals and sparkling champagne diamonds add a dreamy luster that is sure to turn heads. Edgy spikes and daggers give your style plenty of attitude, and freshwater pearls offer polished sophistication.

Depending on your outfit needs and personal preferences, we carry a varied assortment of lengths and designs. Short styles and chokers frame the face and are a must-have for layering, as are mid-length pendant and tassel accents. Dainty drop styles add elegance to your décolletage. Mix and match freely or opt for one classic strand. The choice is entirely up to you.

Our necklaces are made with metal chains, knotted leather and braided cords for a mix of urban and rustic aesthetics. Single strands with Indian seed beads and metallic nuggets are simple and refined, while multi-strand necklaces, intricate draping and beaded statement pieces offer a bold finishing touch to any blouse or bodice.

Style is all about paying proper attention to details, and our unique designs are inspired by both natural elements and modern street style. Horn and bone pendants offer a bohemian take on down-to-earth accessorizing. Similarly, faceted semi-precious stones add folksy color to everyday prints and patterns. Bar pendants are refined in their simplicity, while clusters of iridescent crystals are effortlessly versatile for easy wear-ability.

Our variety of women’s necklaces is sure to give you multiple styling options. Browse through our range of lengths and designs to choose the perfect addition to your collection.