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unisex bracelets

Unisex Bracelets

For a straightforward approach to accessorizing, look no further that our handcrafted assortment of unisex bracelets. These uniquely rustic styles are a subtle and versatile way to incorporate modern jewelry into your everyday look.  

Artistically crafted by hand, our bracelets for men come in a range of designs to fit multiple preferences. Choose from cuff styles and braided cords to single and multi-wrap designs. For a secure fit on any wrist size, our sturdy stretch cords, hook closures and adjustable button and leather closures allow for optimal customization. You’ll never have to worry about finding the right length. Invest in yourself or gift-give confidently without the unnecessary fuss of specific measurements.

Personalization is found in our wide variety of details. Indian seed beading and semi-precious stones shine in earthy hues or arrangements of graduated colors as you wish. For an urban feel, stippled bar accents and barbed wire pendants offer an edgy take on classic metallic elements. Faceted gold and silver plated nuggets give a textured finish to wrap styles, while woven details and anchored charms add a fresh touch of novelty. Natural leather cords in various shades further enhance our pieces with the quality and durability you expect.

Whether you prefer the cool tones of gunmetal plating or the warmth of rose gold hardware, our polished designs are perfect for mixing and matching with additional pieces in your collection. Layer them freely or keep it clean and simple with a singular cuff. The variety of metallic notes and color palettes only adds versatility to these everyday styles.

Handcrafted quality and wearable designs make our unisex bracelets a must-have for your wardrobe. These modern essentials add subtle color and texture to your personal style. Structured, earthy and refined, our bracelets are statement-making additions to any jewelry collection and will easily elevate your overall look.