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Unisex Jewelry

Unisex Jewelry

Chan Luu’s collection of handcrafted unisex jewelry is a polished addition to the modern unisex aesthetic and adds a strong sense of style to any look.

Complete a suit look or that casual combination of a button-down and chinos with a minimalistic wrap bracelet. From horn pendant accents and braided leather strands to rustic, knotted detailing, these pieces will complement your style and are designed with details in mind. These designs are a clever way to add visual interest to everyday outfits whether you prefer single or triple wraps or the edgy look of gunmetal plating.

When it comes to versatility, a neutral bracelet has a lot to offer. Or if you prefer, wear an intricately designed bracelet with a basic cotton shirt or a structured blazer. Hand-woven Indian seed beading adds a layered look of color against earthy hues while arrowhead accents and wood detailing give a patterned cuff or multi-wrap style rugged charm. Adjustable closures and stretch cord designs accommodate any wrist size for a consistently perfect fit.

Complete a multitude of collar styles and necklines with modest and simple necklaces in a range of lengths. Chan Luu offers lapis, wooden beads, and corded leather necklaces combined with mixed pendants, crystal quartz, and bone and horn accents for an enduring and refined look.

Our assortment of unisex bracelets and necklaces underscore a fresh and gallant approach to classic wardrobe staples. The addition of cutting-edge accessories ensures that you’re always well dressed for any occasion.