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The Beauty in Birthstones

Behold the beauty of birthstones! When it comes to personalized jewelry, nothing is more meaningful and true to you than birthstones. These colorful gems are perfect for lavishing on birthday girls, and they make ideal sentimental gifts for a wide variety of occasions. Their rich cultural histories and special meanings make them a fascinating and eclectic choice for any stylish jewelry box.

Our “The Beauty in Birthstones” infographic offers a detailed overview of each birth month’s unique birthstone in addition to its meaning, history and place of origin. This thorough chart makes it simple to identify a special someone’s birthstone or pick a gem based on its specific symbolism. From the eternal love represented by diamonds to amethyst’s courage and turquoise’s good fortune, you can narrow down your choices to a stone that suits your exact needs.

The Chan Luu Birthstone Collection is filled with a beautiful mix of styles that’s ideal for gifting to yourself or someone you love. Shop our range of jewelry and necklaces to find the perfect stone for you!

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