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Moonstone Jewelry


At Chan Luu, we’re over the “moon” for our newest collection of moonstone jewelry designs -- and we think you will be, too. These spring and summer accents have us channeling our softer side with light, airy hues and a dreamy look and feel.

Moonstone is commonly used in crystal healing methods to alleviate stress, and this luminous stone is heavily associated with feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition and even psychic abilities. In fact, moonstone is believed to heal a variety of afflictions and promote inner calm.

Browse our assortment of moonstone bracelets, from dainty chain designs to single-wrap and multi-wrap styles on leather, metallic ribbon and mokuba cord. These semi-precious stones are cut in a wide variety of unique shapes and facets, with each stone intricately wrapped by hand in cool sterling silver. Wear these bracelets alone for a polished look, or stack them as you please with your favorite Chan Luu pieces for a layered finish that’s sure to turn heads. Effortlessly stylish and perfect for everyday wear, our signature women's wrap bracelets are absolute must-haves for every woman’s jewelry collection.

Try a glistening design lined with sterling silver nuggets, or opt for shimmering Swarovski crystals instead. Our moonstone pieces are framed with a dazzling mix of beads and complemented with the rustic look of natural leather. We’ve even accented these semi-precious stones with other earthy favorites like grey Botswana agate and white freshwater pearls.

Stylish and sophisticated, our moonstone necklaces range from decadent lengths made for layering to short and sweet choker designs. Their moonstone pendants are skillfully hand-wrapped in 18k gold-plated silver and sterling silver metals for a luxe presentation. Soft and ethereal, these pretty pieces are perfect for those who love minimal jewelry and simplified accessorizing.

Crafted with refined elements to elevate your overall look, our women’s necklaces feature an assortment of moonstone charms, from marquise cuts to engraved flat drops and dangles. These details combine to enhance your casual basics with ease for year-round wear. Style them with your summer sundresses, 9-to-5 suiting separates and loungewear alike. These easy-breezy designs work with anything and everything in your wardrobe for style that’s true to you.

Layering has never been easier thanks to our mix of bracelets and necklaces. Our variety of moonstone jewelry is broad enough to cater to a wide range of personal styles, and these feminine pieces are a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the superior craftsmanship of Chan Luu. Skillfully made by hand with luxurious materials and a refined aesthetic, our signature wrap bracelets and modern accessories represent our brand’s overall commitment to artisanal charm and quality construction.

Elevate your everyday style with designs you’ll want to wear on a regular basis. At Chan Luu, our moonstone jewelry collection breathes a breath of fresh air into your signature look. These durable pieces are subtle enough for simplified styling and strong enough to make a commanding statement entirely on their own. Browse our assortment of contemporary wrap bracelets and pendant necklaces to find the moonstone essentials your wardrobe demands.